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Fulfillment of dreams

A career that began 30 years ago.

In the world of events and a presence in the Paca region for 20 years.

Over the years it has been able to build itself up with the most prestigious sites and clients.

After having managed subsidiaries of large French and European groups.

Never short of ideas, technical and aesthetic solutions.

Atypical Event is today the result and the synthesis of these 30 years of experience.

The flexibility of an SME and the power of a large group.

Let's understand, build, create your future event to experience it and remember it together.

Laurent Toussaint

Bringing a vision to life

Creating your ephemeral spaces: this is the nobility of our profession.

We take up the challenge each time for the greatest satisfaction of our customers and their guests.

This performance is possible thanks to our human and material capital.

Today the France Location group will support you through its eight agencies.

Atypique Event is the group's new agency and will serve you throughout the regions of the south of France.

Stephane Loslier

Perfection in every detail

With the reputation of the stock, the experience of the France Location Group and the common will of Laurent Toussaint and Stéphane Loslier, the Atypique Event company was born.

In order to rediname our business through all of our original products.

Count on the ardor of Laurent and the wisdom of Stéphane, you will have an Atypical Event.

Stephane &  Lawrence 
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